Monday, March 26, 2012

Faith vs. Belief

I think I have faith. I do have faith. I lack belief.

Accepting or rejecting a belief requires an appeal to reason. If it did not, we would have no ability to choose beliefs in things like the sun over things like unicorns. Faith does not require an appeal to reason.

Strength of faith perhaps ought not require belief. Beliefs are dangerous and arrogant, they are presuming. We are fallible, our beliefs prone to falsehood.

I have faith that there is a difference between right and wrong, that I have free will, and that there is something more meaningful about a human life than a piece of drift wood.

Now, if forced to wager the life of a loved one on the existence of the soul, of God, or even in my own free will, I would side on the negative of any of these things, but such a wager would be made in the realm of reason. My faith would be unshaken.

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